Precast Feasibility Study

Precast feasibility study

We prepare feasibility studies for the Indian real estate market to investigate the usage of precast concrete construction for building projects. The purpose of a feasibility study is to present our clients with enough objective information regarding various precast building systems for the proposed projects and comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of the systems. Based on the performed investigation and research it shall be concluded what would be the most suitable precast building system with respect to structural safety, economics, aesthetics and constructability. Furthermore independent opinion shall be given on the proposed precast plant setup, production methods, infrastructure requirements and erection methods.

Our services

  • Comparison between different precast building systems
  • Optimization of the building layout to make it suitable for precast construction
  • Preliminary structural analysis and design
  • Preparation of structural concept drawings and details
  • Quantity estimation
  • Schematic layout design of precast plant
  • Preparation of feasibility study report

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