Building Information Modeling

Precast 3D modeling and BIM

WBK Engineering Services is offering 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for precast building projects. Our in-house team can prepare accurate 3D precast models with the usage of Revit and Tekla software. We are having the capabilities to prepare 3D precast building models including all details for fabrication, installation and assembly. In 2010 we started our first 3D precast modelling project which consisted of more than 2300 precast pieces. The project had many architectural precast pieces like staircases, balconies, fa├žade panels which were entirely modelled in Revit software to create a detailed precast 3D model.

Precast 3D modeling and detailing 

The major advantage of preparing a 3D computer model of your building is the enhanced visualization and clash checking capabilities that lead to error-free precast detail drawings. Complex precast concrete structures can be quickly modelled in 3D which would be a time consuming process if it had to be done with 2D drafting methods. Our team can generate all the precast shop drawings and details from the 3D precast building models. Also bill of materials, bar bending schedules and other reports can be generated from the models.

Building information modeling (BIM)

Building information modelling (BIM) is a process that we follow where all the building information is stored in 3D computer models. A BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building components used to construct a building. These components have the characteristics of their real counterparts. These components are the digital prototype of the physical building elements and it allows us to simulate the building and understand its behavior in a digital environment before the actual construction starts.

BIM for precast detailing projects

WBK Engineering Services is involved in numerous precast detailing projects that follow a BIM process. In such projects the input information consists of BIM models, prepared by various consultants, which are exchanged in IFC format. These BIM models can be loaded as reference models by our detailing team in the BIM software. Based on the input information the detailed precast 3D models can be prepared which will be used for coordination and clash checking purpose. The final precast BIM models shall include the exact shape of all the components including the services like electrical, ventilation and plumbing provisions. The level of detail (LOD) of these precast BIM models ranges from LOD 350 to LOD 400.

3D rebar modeling for precast

We can create accurate 3D rebar models for reinforced concrete and precast concrete structures. Because we are using 3D modelling software we can perform adequate clash checking with better visualization which leads to constructible rebar models. Rebars can be automatically numbered and drawings with bending schedules can be quickly generated from the 3D rebar models.

Our capabilities in 3D and BIM

  • Create 3D structural BIM models
  • Reinforced concrete modeling and detailing in BIM
  • Precast concrete modeling and detailing in BIM
  • Quantity estimation from the BIM models
  • Generate and edit structural drawings from BIM models
  • Generate and edit precast shop drawings in BIM
  • Generate bar bending schedules

Advantages of BIM

  • Improved visualization of the building
  • Accuracy
  • Integration of all services in one 3D model
  • Better cost estimation
  • Improves coordination in construction sequencing
  • Clash detection
  • Reduction in construction error cost

BIM precast example

For one of our European clients we are involved in the detailing of precast housing projects that follow a BIM process during the design and construction phase. When we start the precast detailing work for these BIM projects our company receives multiple BIM models with different digital building components. This input information has been prepared by different building consultants that specialize in a certain field of building design.
Input information:
  • Architectural BIM model
  • Structural BIM model
  • Electrical BIM model
  • Plumbing BIM model
  • Ventilation BIM model
  • Window / door frames BIM model

These different BIM models (in IFC format) can be loaded as reference models in the Tekla precast detailing software. Our precast detailers will then integrate all the relevant building components in the precast walls and slabs to create an accurate precast BIM model. This precast BIM model will shared with the client for the purpose of BIM coordination. After review and approval the precast production drawings and erection drawings will be generated from the precast BIM model which enables the precaster to manufacture and assemble the precast structure.

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