Precast Detailing

Precast detailing service

The main activity of our company is providing precast detailing services to the building industry. We started our operations in 2005 and over the years we have established a highly experienced in-house precast detailing team. We mostly prepare precast erection drawings and production drawings in which we show the precast element and reinforcement detailing. At the moment we are providing precast detailing services for clients located in various parts of the world like USA, Europe and Asia. We are utilizing CAD and BIM software for the preparation of 2D / 3D precast shop drawings and details. Our precast detailing team has worked on a large variety of precast building projects which are partially or fully made of precast concrete building components. We are continuously improving our working methods to achieve error free precast concrete shop drawings.

Precast detailing services:
  • Precast panel detailing (mould / form details)
  • Precast shop drawings
  • Precast fabrication drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Precast erection drawings (plans, elevations, sections and details)
  • Precast connection details
  • Precast rebar detailing 
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Quantity take-off

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Precast detailing standards and markets

For almost 15 years we have working on precast detailing building projects located in different parts of the world.

 Our existing Industry standards:
  • India
  • Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • IS codes
  • Eurocode
  • British Standard / Eurocode
  • PCI and ACI
  • AS
  • NZS
We are always open to serve clients in new markets and countries.

Our specialties and projects

Over the years we have been involved in almost any kind of precast building project you can think of.

     We specialize in the following kind of precast building projects:
  • Structural precast concrete (precast columns, beams, walls and slabs)
  • Architectural precast (precast staircases, balconies, walkways, etc.)
  • Precast fa├žade / precast cladding / precast panels
  • Precast parking garages
  • Precast wall panel structures

    Other general projects we work on:
  • Residential precast buildings
  • Commercial precast buildings
  • Industrial precast buildings


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Precast detailing software used by our team

Our team of precast detailers works with various precast drafting software as per the requirements of our clients. For 2D design projects our team utilizes CAD software for the preparation of precast shop drawings and rebar detailing. Bar bending schedules and precast material take off calculations are prepared in Excel spreadsheets.
In case of 3D design or BIM projects we have the capabilities to prepare the 3D precast models in Tekla and Revit software. Our team can prepare accurate 3D models of precast components as well as the connections and 3D rebar modeling and detailing. Precast erection drawings and shop tickets can be generated from the 3D precast models.

     Software used by us:
  • Autocad (2D)
  • Tekla Structures
  • Revit


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Sample drawings USA precast projects