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Outsource your precast detailing work

Our company has been operating in the engineering services outsourcing business since 2005 by providing precast detailing services to overseas clients. Our precast detailing team has the expertise and skills to complete complicated tasks within the scheduled time and budget. With vast knowledge and experience in every aspect of precast design and detailing we can offer huge advantages to our clients in terms of quality services at a competitive price. We have been the outsourcing partner of choice for various clients located all around the world. Currently, we are working on exciting precast building projects located in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Precast detailing outsourcing services that we are providing:
  • Preparation of precast erection drawings
  • Preparation of precast shop drawings and fabrication drawings
  • Reinforcement detailing and preparation of bar bending schedules
  • Autocad 2D detailing
  • Precast 3D modeling and BIM (Tekla and Revit)

Industries and countries served 

For almost 15 years our precast detailers have been working on precast concrete building projects in different parts of the world.

Our existing markets:
Industry standards:
  • India
  • Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany
  • United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

  • IS Codes
  • Eurocode
  • British Standard / Eurocode
  • PCI and ACI
  • AS
  • NZS
We are ready to serve new clients in new markets and countries.

Some of our typical clients:
  • Specialty precast engineering firms
  • Design offices of precast fabricators
  • Precast construction companies and sub-contractors
  • Specialty precast detailing firms

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Case studies -  precast detailing outsourcing

Case study 1: Precast engineering office - USA

For one of our clients in the United States of America (USA), we are supporting their team with the preparation of precast erection drawings and details for entire precast building structures. We generally start these projects from scratch based on the input drawings of architect and engineer of record. In some projects, our team will get involved during the schematic design phase by providing design assistance to the client. After approval of the precast erection drawings, our team prepares the precast production drawings which include the piece tickets and reinforcement detailing. Project size for this client ranges from around 100,000 sq.ft. to 600,000 sq.ft. of floor area.


Case study 2: Precast engineering and detailing firm - UK

This client in the United Kingdom (UK) is a precast engineering and detailing firm specializing in designing precast architectural cladding. The client has an in-house team that generally designs and prepares the precast general arrangement drawings with the elevations, cross-sections, and details of the precast cladding units. Our scope of work is to prepare the precast unit details, rebar drawings, and bar bending schedules. Currently, some of these projects are executed in 2D CAD and some in 3D by using Tekla precast detailing software.


Case study 3: Fabricator of precast housing - Europe

One of our main clients in Europe is fabricating complete precast housing projects consisting of precast concrete walls and slabs (precast panel construction). This client is a large scale precast manufacturer with an annual production output of more than 3000 precast homes. Our company provides comprehensive precast detailing services for a large number of their projects. A typical project can consist of around 50 to100 precast houses. First, our team will prepare the general arrangement drawings (plans and elevations) of the precast panel structures. These GA drawings are sent to the client, architect and other consultants for coordination purposes. The next step for our team is to prepare the precast production drawings of all the precast panels including the detailing of electrical, ventilation and plumbing provisions inside the precast panels. Many of these projects are following a BIM process where the information is shared through IFC models.


Case study 4: Real estate developer with precast plant - Asia

This real estate developer based in Asia has ventured into the business of development, fabrication, construction and sale of precast villas, row houses and apartment blocks. They have invested heavily in setting up a state of the art precast manufacturing plant and construction team. We are supporting this client by providing complete precast engineering services which include the structural analysis, design and detailing of the precast buildings.


Case study 5: Precast detailing office – New Zealand

Our client in New Zealand runs a precast detailing office for the local market. By outsourcing part of the work to our Indian team the client has been able to create more flexibility and capacity in his organization without having to directly invest in infrastructure and permanent staff. Our team prepares layout and elevation drawings of precast wall panels, columns and beams together with the precast shop drawings.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • Substantial cost-benefit
  • Increase capacity without investing
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Create flexibility
  • Improve competitiveness and efficiency
  • Focus on core business

Outsourcing business models

Project-based outsourcing model (fixed fee)

  • Drawing the delivery schedule and scope of work to be defined by the client.
  • Based on the scope of work and deliverables the total price will be estimated and fixed at the start of the project
  • Precast drawings and BIM models will be submitted as per the delivery schedule and the requirements of the client.
  • Invoicing as per the agreed milestones and delivery schedule.

Hourly model

  • Based on the input information received from the client the exact scope of work, deliverables, and hourly rate will be fixed.
  • Precast drawings and BIM models will be submitted as per the delivery schedule and the requirements of the client.
  • Invoicing on a monthly basis

Where are we located in India?

Our company is operating out of a modern office located in Gurgaon, which is a satellite city in the National Capital Region of India. The office is located in the heart of the city and is very well connected to New Delhi and the international airport. We established our company in Gurgaon because of the internationally-minded workforce and the availability of English speaking engineers.

Communication with our team

We understand the value of communication through our many years of experience operating as an outsourcing centre to clients located in different corners of the world. Our intention is to deliver the project not as an outsourced company but as an extended part of the client's project team. We achieve this by focusing on the following aspects:
  • Proactive attitude
  • A weekly conference call with clients
  • Listen to clients and discuss things to the point
  • Use the standard ‘request for information’ (RFI) forms for questions

Quality management system

As a technical service provider, it is our foremost priority to ensure the highest level of quality to our clients. To accomplish this global standard we have in place our quality control process where multi-level checking guarantees the screening required for zero error output.
  • Checking procedures with checklists
  • Check by senior detailers and project managers
  • Weekly quality meetings
  • Quality improvement program
  • Sharing information across the organization
  • Drafting/detailing standards for every client
  • CAD and Tekla libraries

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