Advantages of precast construction

Advantages of precast construction

25 Nov 2019


Following factors are generally considered and evaluated when deciding to implement precast concrete construction for building projects:

1.       Quality

2.       Unique construction capabilities with precast

3.       Speed of construction

4.       Building site and construction aspects

5.       Costing

In this article, we have highlighted the advantages of precast concrete for building projects.


1. Quality

The quality of precast concrete buildings is generally far better than the buildings constructed by conventional methods.

o   Production of precast elements in controlled environment provide assured quality

o   Testing of the materials and precast elements can be done at anytime

o   Skilled labor force employed at precast plant and site ensures quality and efficiency

o   Better concrete compaction and curing methods creates more durable concrete products

o   Less wastage of materials compared to on-site work

o   Specialized precast design engineers can optimize the structural design

o   High strength concrete mix to create slender and aesthetic precast elements

o   Precast elements are totally fire-proof and sound-proof


High quality precast products with tight tolerances

Smoothly finished precast wall panels

Architectural precast elements of high quality

2. Unique construction capabilities with precast

Precast concrete construction has some unique capabilities which are difficult to achieve with other construction methods.

o   Mass precast production with steel mould systems and industrial production processes

o   Accelerated concrete curing process increases the overall output

o   Prestressing techniques to create large spans and optimized sections

o   Formliners create texture finish

o   Fair faced concrete (exposed concrete finish)

o   Colored concrete and Graphic concrete

o   Natural stone / marble / tiling / bricks embedded inside precast elements

o   Sandwich panels with insulation for thermal efficiency


Mass production of prestressed hollow core slabs

Precast cladding panels with form liner finish

Precast sandwich panels

3. Speed of construction

When precast concrete construction is properly implemented a shorter construction time can be achieved compared to other building technologies.

o   Precast production and installation are unaffected by weather conditions

o   Faster completion of the structural works at site

o   Electrical wiring, finishing and painting can start sooner

o   Smaller team required at site for execution

o   Element wise planning and logistics are easier to control

o   Overall shorter construction time with precast concrete building systems

Small team required at site for precast construction

Element wise planning and logistics are easier to control

4. Building site and construction aspects

Local conditions and resources can make it more viable to implement precast construction methods.

o   Precast construction requires less labor at site

o   All-weather construction technology

o   Ease of construction due to smooth erection process

o   Neat and clean construction site

o   Better health and safety standards for construction workers

o   Reduction of noise and dust pollution at site

o   Precast requires minimum formwork and scaffolding at site

o   Off-site manufacturing with just in time delivery of precast elements is very much suitable for small construction sites that do not have space to store raw materials etc.

Neat and clean construction site without formwork and scaffolding

Better health and safety standards for construction workers

5. Cost advantages

Generally the cost of construction is one of the major factors to decide on which technology to implement for construction. When comparing different building technologies it is important to review the total costs of the project including the wastage and delays and keeping in mind a long term strategy.

o   Minimal wastage of materials at precast plant and construction site reduces cost

o   Less rectification works at site due to high-quality precast products reduces cost

o   Precast reduces the risk of project delays and the related possible financial losses

o   Simplicity in precast design can lead to major cost savings

o   Faster completion of projects can give huge financial benefits